Investment Strategy

The investments

  • We primarily seek early to advanced exploration stage assets located in Australia, and in other regions where we have strong local partners.
  • We look for projects with significant economic or strategic potential.
  • We invest in assets that are well positioned to move along the exploration and development value curve as the resources cycle recovers and as further work is carried out on the project.
  • We will consider investing in assets at any point prior to production.
  • We invest to achieve targeted milestones that will add value to the assets.
  • We preferentially invest in private assets.
  • We seek to control the development of an asset, including any work programs.
  • We look for a majority or a significant minority ownership of projects.
  • We identify viable exit strategies as an integral part of our investment evaluation process.
  • Exit strategies must balance desired return, holding period and risk.

Mining Project Value Timeline

Slipstream’s points of differentiation

1. Focus on Exploration Stage Assets

  • Few, if any, peer group funds are focused on this sector.
  • This sector has suffered greater value loss in recent years, and we expect that it will offer greater upside.
  • Our team has a successful track record of creating value in this sector.

2. Direct Control of Asset Development

  • We invest directly at the asset level.
  • We will generally not invest in listed companies.
  • We seek to control the design, budgeting and implementation of work programs and assume responsibility for delivering the strategic initiatives that create value.
  • We will determine the exit strategy and its timing to realise value.