About Slipstream Funds

Slipstream Funds – Overview

Slipstream Resources Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 600 237 625, AFSL 465579) manages a series of Funds that provide Investors with access to specially selected exploration stage resource assets.

The assets may be located anywhere in the world. A core focus will be on Australia and other regions will only be considered if Slipstream has suitable local partners or management in that region.

Each Fund may have a particular focus according to commodity and/or location.

The cyclical global downturn in commodities prices and constrained access to capital has, in Slipstream’s view, created the ideal environment for private equity to acquire high quality assets being divested in the exploration stage sector.  The downturn has also driven down the costs of skills, labour, goods and services.

Slipstream considers that a window of opportunity currently exists to acquire high quality assets at prices unseen since the Global Financial Crisis, and to develop them at materially lower cost than during other phases of the market.

Fund Structure

The Funds are wholesale trusts, managed by Slipstream Resources Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 600 237 625, AFSL 465579).

The Manager – Slipstream Resources Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 600 237 625, AFSL 465579)

The principals of Slipstream have extensive experience in the exploration stage sector, enabling it to seek out high quality projects for its Investors. The principals, Geoff Stewart and Dale Ferguson, have a successful track record of building businesses in this sector. These businesses also leveraged downturns in the resources cycle.

Slipstream has a global network developed over more than 30 years, ensuring a strong pipeline of opportunities is available. This advantage is particularly important when considering the number of high quality assets that remain in private ownership.

Slipstream identifies undervalued resource assets that are at an inflexion point, where new investment and more focused management can create substantial additional value.

Following a thorough due diligence process, a proposed investment, along with its development plan, is submitted to the Investment Advisory Committee. If approved, money is allocated to the project according to the development plan.

On an ongoing basis, Slipstream reviews each project to ensure targeted milestones are being met.